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cyclo-cafe asked 3 years ago
Are there any plans to add multiple checkboxes functionality for a custom form field?

Thank you,
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Dan, that could be interesting to add. Just a checkbox with true/false value? Best regards, Nikola
cyclo-cafe answered 3 years ago
Not exactly a true/false value I think.
A form field would have an input type=checkbox and the name of that field would be 'picnic_items'.
There would be multiple checkboxes allowed to show the user with different values that would be appended to the field 'picnic_items' based on what was check such as:

If the user checks only Baguette, Charcuterie, and Cheese, then the value for 'picnic_items' would be saved as 'Baguette,Charcuterie,Cheese' for that record and that detail would be viewable in the reservation record and any notification email the admin receives with populated placeholders.

Does that make better sense?