Check availabilities on various calendars (Perso/pro)

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Jean-Marc Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi, I joust bought the plugin, it looks like exactly what I was looking for.
Great ideas, the "connections". About my question (I'm real estate agent) :
  • 1 worker
  • Various location
  • 1 service ("Visit")
I've create various calendar in google agenda.  But let's imagine just 2.
1 for personal appointments, 1 for professional ones. Off course, I can not clone myself so if I have an appointment in my personal calendar, I'm not available for a professional meeting... I would like to know, if and how it could be possible for EasyAppointmnents to use my professional calendar (to add events) BUT to watch in both calendars (pro & perso) to propose my availabilities. Is it possible ?
Jean-Marc Staff replied 4 years ago

I’m afraid it won’t be possible because I’ve just watched your video ( and at 9:37, we can see that 10:00 is still available and just before, you booked an other service at 10:00 for the same worker but for an other calendar… 🙁