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guillaume asked 6 years ago
Hello,   First, thanks for the pluggin, it looks really nice and i can't wait to use it.   I have the same issues as other people : i can't see or have any actions on the form fields (if i want to delete the standart ones or once i add a new. When i delete the new i added, it does not delete on the site. Yes i checked the box for the Compatibility mode but no effect. I work with the Avada theme, maybe that affects the reaction of your plugin but I doubt it (since i only put the bootstrap code on the page)     While I am at it, is there a way to send the confirmation email directly from the actual and specific email adress? that would be a cool feature.   Thank you again for offering that awesome service, i really think that is the best one on the market :)   Best regards
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, I am not sure because you mention that you have tried with Compatibility mode turned on. But please have you refresh the page after it? Also can you delete any other thing such as service or location etc? Best regards, Nikola
polo_74 replied 6 years ago

I’ve got the same issue on Safari and Google chrome.
Even if I refresh the page after in compatibility mode.
Best regards,

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi Paul, can you please create a temp account access for admin panel for me to see what is going on there. If you can do that you can open new private thread and paste it there.

Best regards,

polo_74 replied 6 years ago

Sure I can.
Which email should I add in order to create you an account?

polo_74 answered 6 years ago
You can easily contact me on my personnal email adress :
admin2716 answered 6 years ago
Hello,   I don't know How but the issue solved itself when I switched to another computer while working on my website, so now everythings works !   Thank you again