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Petar asked 5 years ago
Hi, For some reason sometimes no further appointments can be made. I have one connection pr day, cloned 12 times as I want to allow 12 people to attend. Sometimes though, after some people have booked their places, something goes wrong and no more people can book their places. I cannot do it either. At the frontend it says Please select another day, in the backend, when I try to clone a booking, it only gives me the option to select the date, but not the time of the connection. The site is
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Petar can you please check the browser console for error when you try to clone it? Best regards, Nikola
Petar replied 5 years ago

Will try when the problem reappears. It appears at random, two times until now, both on a Wednesday. And it’s twofold – neither can visitors book their places, nor can I do what I need in the backend. The first time the issue appeared I managed to reproduce it on a mobile phone in Opera, and this time – on a desktop in Chrome.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 5 years ago

Sounds like nonce issue. Have you waited for some time before trying to clone? Nonce code can expire if you wait to long.

Best regards,