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Kelwyn asked 5 years ago

Pre-purchase questions. Hello good day!
I’m developing a project for a psychologist. I would like to know if your reservation plugin allows the administrator to configure for the client:
1 – can cancel your reservation made before
2- reschedule / reschedule your reservation
3 – I can translate it
I have already seen that integrates with woocommerce, this is great. He making items 1 and 2 the return in case of cancellation can be done manually.
If it is possible to cancel. Does the plugin already release the time it was canceled so a new cliete can choose it for scheduling?
Thank you!

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Kelwyn,

1 – you can cancel appointment form customers side. You can embed cancel link inside customers mail notification.
2 – nope you can only cancel previous and make new reservation
3 – translation is passible with po/mo files.

Best regards,