Can you create recurring appointments?

Support forumCategory: Feature requestsCan you create recurring appointments?
miguelbenr asked 6 years ago
I'd like to have the functionality for someone to book a time slot every monday at the same time for a month, or every tue, wed and fri for 2 months, or whatever combination of recurrent events. Google calendar has that functionality. I'd be great if you could add it.   Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, thanks for suggestion. There is Extension plugin that offers import from Google Calendar so those events can be imported but there is no such option for EasyAppointments it self. Best regards, Nikola
Rhys replied 6 years ago

Hi Nikola, I’m also interested in recurring appointments. I thought about using Google Calendar but if the event recurs every Monday for example, will that create (potentially) an infinite number of appointments in the WordPress database? Which would be difficult to manage.
The booking system we’re trying to achieve will always be recurring weekly bookings which will last indefinitely so perhaps there’s something you can change in the core code of the plugin in this case? Happy to pay for development time.
Thanks in advance,

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, you can limit number of days that will be synced. So for example sync within next 90 days. So there will be no issue with recurring events on GC.

Best regards,
Nikola answered 4 years ago
Ping, I also need this, there are a lot of requests that has been asked and no much that has been added.