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dream77 Staff asked 7 years ago
Thanks Nikola, Let me do a little testing with the plugin, I will probably get the extension for the PayPal and Google integration. One question about the calendar and also google, is there a place that multiple users can see a calendar with appointments? Say if I have 4 employees and they all would like to login or see appointments on a calendar for the month, can this be done? Thanks for answering all my questions, awesome support! Ray Nikola Loncar has answered your question at \\\"Private: Thanks Nikola\\\": Hi Ray, customer can cancel Appointment but payment must be returned manually. Best regards, Nikola
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, they will have to do that inside Appointments page in Admin section. If you are using Extension plugin you can share same Calendar within all workers and they can see it there. Also there is 2-way sync of data so every Appointment created in Google Calendar will be synced back to EasyAppointments. We will add calendar for workers but it will not be done within next 30 days or so. Best regards, Nikola