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deborahAnderson Staff asked 7 years ago
Hello there. I love your plugin!  I am getting ready to purchase the extension, but I just want to ensure that one item can be adjusted.  The calendar width. Maybe it is me and I missed it, but the calendar width, under bootstrap, is about 200px wide.  I guess the entire thing is the 800px, but the calendar is so skinny that the numbers are on top of each other vertically.  Is there a way to make it wider?  I don't even mind if I have to go into the code and fix it, if you want to tell me where I would find it. Thanks!
deborahAnderson Staff replied 7 years ago

Resolved by disabling another plugin.

2 Answers
deborahAnderson Staff answered 7 years ago
I feel silly.  I disabled another plugin and the problem is resolved. ;)
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, looks like style issue between those two plugins. If you still want to use that second one. I can provide you a custom css settings but more on that on next Monday.   Best regards, Nikola
Stephen Webster Staff replied 5 years ago

I actually have this same problem/question. Could you provide the Custom css settings. Thank you.