Calendar shows days fully booked when they aren't

Support forumCalendar shows days fully booked when they aren't
marian_mills Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi The calendar plugin on my appointments page is showing April 1st to 21st as fully booked. When I look at the list of Appointments (Easy Appointments - Appointments) for that period, nothing is booked.

I have the Extension to link my Google Calendar. A couple of events from my Google calendar are showing in the list of appointments, which is correct, but nothing that should book out the entire day. 

I did have an entry in my Google Calendar marked as All Day, but not as Busy, and I've deleted this well over 24 hours ago now. I thought perhaps it was a failure to sync issue but it's been a long time.  I also cleared the cache on this page. [ea_full_calendar] is showing no appointments to fill those time slots either