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roberto_santoprete asked 2 weeks ago

in the Calendar section can I get the list by worker on all services? Tks

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Roberto, you want to select worker from select field or to have it hardcoded?

Best regards,

roberto_santoprete replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Nikola,
I appreciate your fast answer. Thanks

Regarding my question I would like to specify more about.
Please refer to menu section:

Easy Appointment /
Rapporti (Reports) /
Tabella Orari (TimeTable / get an overview of all bookings and free slots) /

in this function I would like to have,
the Monthly calendar
selecting Location and Operator,

and leaving empty the Service field ( – ) in the drop-down menu (this means for All services)…
in order to have a view on all types of services assigned to an operator in the month.
It’s possible?
Many thanks