Buttons on booking page not working on mobile

Support forumButtons on booking page not working on mobile
randomdroid Staff asked 4 years ago
all elements are working fine (calender, form fields, etc) but on mobile device after filling in all the details, submit button is not working (or sometimes take 5-10 clicks to work)   url to check: www.humtumgroup.com/book-salon-appointment/   please let me know the name use to book appointment.   i tried on chrome for android and firefox beta for android, same issue in both browser
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi I have tested it. Looks like clickable area is too small. Not like entire button. Try zoom in and click on letter b on button. You will see that you need only one click? Best regards, Nikola
randomdroid Staff replied 4 years ago

ah sorry i increased the size of the submit button recently.. which one did you checked? default one or the customized one? if its the customized one (dark grey) can you please guide me how to make clickable area large?