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Rebecca asked 2 years ago
Hi  I've suddenly got a bit of a strange one. It's been working fine then suddenly whenever a booking is made it's automatically cancelled straight after.  I checked the settings and discovered the bit about "Mail servers can open links from email for inspection. That will trigger actions such as #link_confirm#, #link_cancel#."
I've turned that setting on as it was off but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem.  Any ideas what else I could check / try? Thank you
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Rebecca, please do the following. Go to EA settings and turn on option called two step email action. Best regards, Nikola
rumbler Staff replied 2 years ago

As I said I’ve already done that. It’s still automatically cancelling the reservations.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 2 years ago

Try for a short period of time to turn off mail notifications in EA and see if that will still be a case.

rumbler Staff replied 2 years ago

Ok will do thank you.

rumbler Staff replied 2 years ago

Ok so that’s definitely the cause but the setting for two step email action isn’t preventing it from happening – I am wondering if it had cached somewhere so I might test it out again in a few days.

What I’ve done is modify the admin email to a custom version and left the two confirm / cancel links out. That will do for me for now as it can be managed in the admin area. But thought I’d pass on what happened in case it’s useful info.

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Some times mail servers open link links from emails and trigger that action by doing that. Two step option is first showing Yes/No dialog for that action. So you need to confirm action before executing it. If you turn back on two step email action you can test if you are seeing that dialog when you click on link? Best regards, Nikola