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flightschool asked 1 week ago

My problem
I have 2 workers, Worker 1 and worker 2
I have 2 services, Service 1 and service2
I booked Service 1 with Worker 2  at 1 november 10:00 a clock
I booked Service 1 with  Worker1 at 1 november 10:00 a clock.
Then the problem is complete because Service 1 is at 1 november at 10:00 a a clock is busy. What to do t solve this problem.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 days ago

Hi, appointments are checked per worker. So if you book with W1 then W2 will be free at same time. You wanted to say that you can provide only one service at the time no matter which worker it is?

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