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Pascal Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi sir,   i’m actually setting EA appointments on the website of my customer who bought you EA Appointment.   i got some bug and questions about setting it up.   /***1***/ I created 2 custom « select » in the custom form fields. If at the beginning they were well saved now i need to login in database via PhpMyAdmin to modify and save them because my changes are not saved in database from the back office panel when i save them. Do you have any recommandation to solve this?   /***2***/ In those 2 custom « select » which are set as required, my customer asks me to change the first option content " - "  with a string (such as « please select an option » ). I needed to test by logging in database to modify it as i told you on /*1*/. Changes were saved and displayed but the « requiry » test on the option does not work after that if i don’t choose any option. I suppose there's a javascript script testing that if the option selected is different than " - " then it’s ok and that’s why the option requiry test considers everything is ok, but i maybe wrong. Is there any solution to change this content of the first option " - «  with a string and keeping the « requiry » test effective?   /***3***/ I also need to translate the "Pay via PayPal" and "Pay on site" label content in french on public page. I installed Loco Translate as suggested on your website and created a easy-appointments-connect-fr_FR.po  file. But i can’t find the labels in the list which looks to contain only back-office panel translations (also the translations i wrote for test are not displayed in back office but i may miss something, that’s the first time i use this plugin). I found those 2 strings in « paypal_logic.php » ($paypal_radio_label and $pay_on_spot_radio_label) , lines 219 and 220 and tested it by changing the contents and it worked, but my changes will disappear after an upgrade so that’s not a solution. Do you have a recommandation to solve this please? I didn’t find it in support forum.   /***4***/ Is it possible to set the paypal required or optional by service in the appointment form?   I hope my english is clear enough… i’m french.   Thanks and have a good day
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, sorry for waiting. Regarding issues:
  1. Are you using latest version of plugin? Can you please try next thing to settings and alter both custom fields and click on Apply then try again.
  2. I am not sure that is passible atm
  3. It will be added as requirement to next version. You are right it will override on each update
  4. Yes, for those service set price to 0
  Best regards, Nikola    
Pascal Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi and thanks.
  1. Are you using latest version of plugin?
    It works now after the last update thank.
  2. I tried and it doesn't work.
  3. Cool. I'll check manually if needed after upgrade until it can be managed from back-office.
  4. I got one service with PayPal paiement required and the another with PayPal paiement optional because it can be paied later when meeting the worker but PayPal paiement remains possible. So i think that's not a solution. So i remained the PayPal paiment as optionnal and proposed my customer to send aPayPal paiement link by mail a the moment.
I got 2 others bug/questions.
  1. (5). I don't get the name from the form in the Google Calendar appointments created after synchronisation with Google Calendar. Also Is there a way to organize the informations completed in the form from the website in the Google Calendar event created after sync. It seems all informations are written in the title and in the description champ of the Google event created after sync and i would need to reorganize them in the others Google event champs (requirement from my customer).
  2. (6). I got problems with PayPal payment process. I created SandBox and Prod tokens in PayPal account and completed them in EA Connect PayPal panel. The PayPal popup display but my account is not recognized while the identification process. At the same time i can open my account in an another browser window with my email et password on PayPal website without problem but my email is not recognized if i try the "password lost" process on the popup from my customer website. Can't find where i miss something, do you have any suggestion where i may missunderstand the setup process?
   Thanks and have a good day.
Pascal Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, do you have a comment about my mast post that could help me?I\'m actually stuck on it.Thanks