Booked dates are still available?

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Jeremy Salmon asked 3 years ago
Hi Fabio and thank you for a great plugin. I'm just testing the free version before getting the premium version. Everything seems fine but the one big issue I have is that visitors are still able to book days and times that have already been booked and confirmed. This leeds to the posibility for a date and time to be booked multiple times.   Is there a way once a day and time is booked and confirmed it is no longer available on the calendar? Maybe I have missed something in the setup? Regards, Jeremy
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Jeremy, that is due to settings. One thing to have in mind is that one connection slot is one free appointment. Also make sure that you don't mark option called multiple work. Best way is to check how many slots you have per time. You can see that in Reports > Time overview report. Best regards, Nikola