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Frank Petersen asked 4 years ago
It appears to be very complex to block time slots or days.  Is there an easier way?  For example, the calendar has no knowledge of holidays.  We'd like an easy way to say day a, b and c are blocked for all users, all day.  Or, a way to say day x is blocked for all users 1pm to 5pm.  It looks like a past question you told someone to use connections.  The connections require us to select a worker, a service, a location.  To use this, you need the option for ALL added to each, so we can say ALL workers, ALL locations, ALL services. Thank you!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Frank, there is a way to do that via shortcode param (block_days) but we will add vacation screen soon for EA Settings. Here is doc regarding that shortcode param Best regards, Nikola