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celzer Staff asked 6 years ago
Hello, Do they plan on adding a feature where I can block an entire day.  I have a few days that I need to take off and right now I have to block off every hour for the entire day.  It is a little annoying.  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, yes it's part of feature list. Simple block options for whole days. If you are using Extension you can block that inside Google Calendar by simply creating appointment for those days. Best regards, Nikola
andreas_faessler Staff replied 6 years ago

Hello Nikola

I just found that answer – I’m just not sure it is what I was looking for.

Like Celzer I tried to block 1 week for vacation in google Calendar, hoping it would block in Easy Appointments. Unfortunately it is not working yet.
I think we don’t need a feature to block within Easy Appointments, it would be easier to put a blocker in Google Calendar and import it correctly. Will this be possible in future? 🙂