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Ahmed asked 4 years ago
Hello, Trying to set up 45 minute break to clean and sanitize the massage clinic before the next appointment and having troubles! The Block before (in minutes) and Block after (in minutes) are not working and have no effect. An example: We tried 60 min in the Duration and the Slot step and entered 45 min in the Block after but with no effect. Tried the Block before, same result (no effect). (If we start at 8 am then the next appointment is 9 am and the next one is 10 am. No 45 min between the appointment as we want to set up the calendar) Do not know what we are doing wrong. The setting is two locations, 6 services and 1 worker.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Ahmed, if you have service 60 minutes and block after 45 then you should have slot_step set to 15 minutes. Best regards, Nikola