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j.c._de_vlaming asked 6 years ago
Hey, I was finnishing the design of the emails, and noticed that the #link_cancel#, #link_confirm# etc. are always full a-tag replacements. While that would suffice on its own, it looks kinda ugly, so I was trying to fit them in a button (as 'href' content), but it doesn't appreciate that approuch. So maybe add a variant (or better, detect where its at in the html-hierarchy) so it is possible to implement something like that in the email? Thanks in advance!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, it's not passible ATM but I will add this to the feature request lists. Best regards, Nikola
j.c._de_vlaming replied 6 years ago

thanks, an extra entry like #link_cancel_plain# will suffice as well btw. (if thats easier to implement)