Avoid bookings multiple services for same slot

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Shruthi asked 1 year ago
Hi, Below is one of the scenario where I have to avoid booking for same slot. scenario 1: Person1 - Has booked for 02-May-2022 at Time 10AM Now Same Person1 Should not be able to book for the above slot but it is happening in easy appointment so please tell me where and how to change this. scenario 2: Person 2 : Since Person 1 is already booked with the above slot ie 02-May-2022 10AM, Person 2 Should not be able to book at 10AM Slot as It should show slot is already booked or Block the 10AM slot from user view. Please suggest for the above 2 scenarios. Thanks you.   
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi, settings that you are looking is called calculate busy slots and value should be Exclusive by worker. Please change that inside EA Settings page. Best regards, Nikola
shruthi replied 1 year ago

Thanks, Suppose we have given same location and service, but once slot is booked by person so that particular date and time should be blocked, so please let us know the steps on this.

atdhe replied 1 year ago

@NikolaLoncar I have the same issue, I have only 1 service, 1 location and 1 employee and when setting to exclusive by worker, it still does not block the slot, as soon as the slot is booked it appears bookable again, any idea why?

Andi Barrels replied 1 year ago

Same problem here: whatever I chose with “busy slots are calculated by same”… it won’t block the time. This seems to be a new bug. It was working in the old version 0.13.3 but is not working in 0.16.1

newbie4user replied 12 months ago

Was there a new fix for this? I am having the same issue