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dovrell Staff asked 2 years ago
Hi. Hi. I have an issue that the appoinments are auto cancelled all the time. I have set the 2 step verification in settings. But it does not apply. I built my own 2 step cancellation, but still they gets auto cancelled.  Any suggestions?
dovrell Staff replied 2 years ago

If the customer tries multiple times it seems to work.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, best way for testing this is to disable mail notifications and then see if appointments are canceled. In most cases for auto cancel is due to mail servers trying to follow the links from mail. Best regards, Nikola
dovrell Staff replied 2 years ago



Ok, but is there a solution for the issue? My customers needs to get a confirmation email and be able to cancel the appointment.

davide_chiarello Staff answered 10 months ago
I removed the cancel link in all mail settings but without success; I suspect the cancel is triggered in the mail sent to the admin (gmail antivirus crawler?)