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kamran asked 4 years ago
Even after multiple entries in the appointment form, no results are showcasing on appointment page.   please click here:   I can see the details  in excel report as well which was downloaded from your .export feature.   Please help as this is the best plugin i have found yet. Just the appointment page is not functioning. Let me know how to set it or what i am doing wrong.   I am on intermediate level developer FYI   please visit link for proper images.:
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, as you can see there service is missing in that export. Have you deleted service that was used there? Best regards, Nikola
martinkiely Staff replied 4 years ago

Firstly, thank you for creating a wonderful plugin.

My reason for this comment:

I am also experiencing the same issue with appointments not showing on appointment dashboard page.

I have the current version 3.0.4 of Easy Appointments installed.

WordPress Version 5.5 with PHP 7.2

I have deactivated all plugins, except Easy Appointments, and the problem still remains when tested.

I installed and ran PHP Compatibility Checker and there were 447 Warnings and 1 error returned for Easy Appointments plugin.

Here’s the link to the report in a text file:

I would appreciate it if you would let me know if this issue has been resolved and if there are any steps that I can take to avail of the full functions of your plugin.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Martin, that is false alarm regarding Compatibility Checker and those messages. EA use underscore template that have same syntax as those deprecated PHP tags. Issue must be something else. Do you use some kind of caching engine on your site?

Best regards,

martinkiely Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Nikola,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I use WP Super Cache plugin on my website.

However I disabled all plugins except ES and ran a test but the issue still exists.

The appointment entry does not appear in the appointment’s dashboard page.

Note – all the entries are logged in the db and can be downloaded via excel report.

My issue is exactly the same as Kamran’s issue described above in his question. Was his problem solved and if so what was the fix?

I would appreciate if you have some provide some suggestions or steps on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your assistance.