Appointments page not loading correctly or syncing with Google

Support forumAppointments page not loading correctly or syncing with Google
Rickie Lee Ryan asked 1 year ago
Why has Easy Appointments suddenly stopped syncing with Google calendar? It's been working fine for months, but just started acting buggy mid-week last week. It will no longer fetch data from the Google calendar. (I've tried removing the token and re-authorizing twice). Around the time it broke, it sent a cancellation message to a client when I did not cancel her appointment (I simply updated her email in the appointment in EA). She called me to ask why her appt had been cancelled, it did NOT show cancelled in EA, but I opened the appt like I was going to edit it, and then just re-saved it as "confirmed" (without having to change the status). Then it duplicated that appointment on my Google calendar, but stopped showing that appt, or it's duplicate, in Easy Appointments entirely.  Also, the appointments page is not loading correctly. it will only show a few appointments, then I'll sort by date and time and it will show a few more, but it still won't show all of them. And it definitely will not pull new appointments from google into EA.
gustaf_pretorius Staff replied 1 year ago

I do not know if this is related or not, but it seems like I have remove and re-authorise my token at least once a week otherwise Google Calendar will not update.

Please advise.