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Will Wigram asked 5 years ago

Hi there,
I am building a new website for a restaurant that also has an events space for live music shows. The new website needs to be connected with a booking system that allows the customers to do the following:

  • Reserve a table in the restaurant (select date, time slot, number of people) 
  • Reserve and pay for a seat at a show (select date, time slot, number of people) 
  • Reserve a table in the restuarant and book seats at a show on the same evening
  • Book and pay for show and a bottle of champagne / wine to be waiting for you on arrival  
  • Book a table in the brasserie bundled with a 3rd party ticket (e.g. gallery ticket, theatre ticket)

Do you think Easy Appointments can accommodate this level of functionality? Any help would be much appreciated

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Will,

this looks to complicated for current stat of EA. I am not sure that all of that can be covered and even if that it is a case it will be nightmare to track all the data. You can try off course.

Best regards,