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michael_hofmeister asked 3 weeks ago

Hi and thank you for the great Plugin.
Is it possible to book multiple timeslots on the same day? I reviewed your code but actually i could’nt finde some feature like this.
This would be great if it possible.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Michael,

you want to allow more then one booking at the time? Or have like multiple reservation for same time slot?

Best regards,

michael_hofmeister answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Nikola and thanks for your reply.
It would be great, if customer could choose more than a Single timeslot for booking.
So actually they pick in example 9:20 to 9:40 but when they will book for an hour, they must book three times.

michael_hofmeister replied 2 weeks ago

So i would gave my customer the option to pick a timeslot range not only one time slot, are you know what i mean?

michael_hofmeister answered 2 weeks ago

Hello again,
after i read your whole support forum i fount the followed thread:
This is exactly this feature, which i need. The “js” Datetime-picker is allowed to use this, but your Plugin-Code is not include this function.
Is this Feature possible on the next update or have you any options for me to include this self on my website?
Thanks for your reply.

michael_hofmeister answered 2 days ago

Hey Nikola, any news in this case? This is very important for me and my customer.