Admin mail and order list not showing

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Morten M. asked 1 year ago
Hi We have some problems with the plugin with the order and mail to admin. We have tried a few times to get the orders, but without success.
Only when we change the overview of orders under the overview.
And when you then update, only 2 appear out of e.g. 10. Is there anything we can do to display all of them all the time or at least new orders. Best regards
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Morten, can you please take a screenshot of that issue? Best regards, Nikola
mortenM replied 1 year ago

Hi Nikola

Could not awenser the Question without make a login.
It is me Morten M.

The problem is there are not mail response from the plugin, we have at contact formular there work fine, and the test mail tool work fine but not when we get an order.

And is it possible to show all orders at ones?

We delete the orders on the fly when we not need them anymore

Best regards