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backfour94 Staff asked 2 years ago
Hi, I have a padlock from igloohome, which allows for the creation of a PIN that will only work for a certain time.  For example if a booking has been made from 16:00 for one hour, the PIN will only work for that hour. I also have a developers API key to generate the PIN code. It would be great if the PIN code could be emailed along with the confirmation.  Either by generating the code (php) and inserting it into a custom field.  Or by generating it outside of EA but then inserting it into the email. I've looked at the hooks etc, but can't see an easy way to do this. It could be a great extension to EA, which is already a great plugin.  Thanks
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backfour94 Staff answered 2 years ago
I have had a play with the ea_new_app_from_customer hook, and whilst I can add a PIN code at this point, it looks like the auto confirmation email is sent before this call.   I can generate my own email, but is there a better way?  Thanks