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Macs asked 6 years ago
A few months ago I installed your plugin Easy appointments of which I'm very happy to use. It does most of the things I desire. There is one thing I'd like to enhance.  We have different locations and clients we serve all with their own preferences. One of the main preferences is that some need a different block time to be served. One wants a service to last 15 minutes while the other client wants the service to last 40 minutes. Is there by any chance a possibility to set different block times depending on the service delivered? In the free version, there's just one block time I can set. Does your paid version offer such an option? Or is there perhaps another way to get this done? Thanks in advance Regards, Macs
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Macs, yes you can set different duration of the service. :) It is part of EasyAppointments core so free to use. Best regards, Nikola