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0rgan1c4i Staff asked 6 years ago
I have many connections for the same service, because the slots are not the same everyday. Also, I have breaks, that is two or more connections for each. Then, there are some non laborable days (which are not the same in every country, nor are fixed) or days someone won't come because of sickness, holidays, etc. And now, I have it double, because schedules will change in march, and I have loaded them with their corresponding dates. That is a bunch of connections (and thankfully, I have just one service). Sum up that they are not ordered, that makes it difficult to read. It would be nice if I could add a free description to each connection. Such as "break", the non-laborable day name, the employee name because in my case I have two under the same name because I need them to be in the same calendar, etc. Thank you!