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Frankwin Hooglander asked 7 years ago
It would be really nice if there would be an option to easily add days off/closed days per location. Our location is closed on holidays, and certain other days, but currently the only way to add that is to add multiple connections for all services/workers/etc to for example be closed on holidays that would fall on days we're normally open, such as 4th of July, Easter Monday, etc.
PortMacOnline Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi guys, I have the same need — to mark all locations/services/workers as unavailable for Australian public holidays — we have one tomorrow to commemorate the fallen soldiers in World Wars, but the only way to do it is to set up one connection for one day, then clone it for all connections.

Would it be possible in a future version to either have an option to manually mark days as holidays, or better still, to pull in Google’s Public Holiday calendar and have an option to mark as ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’? Google’s calendars should be openly available, I would think.

Terry Chadban

3 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Frankwin, do you want to close all slots (for all locations, services and employees)? I agree with you that is a painful to create inverse connections for all slots. Maybe the bulk create connections would help? Best regards, Nikola
Frankwin Staff replied 7 years ago

Yes I would want to close all slots for all services and employees. Ideally not for all locations though as some locations may be open.

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi, Frankwin and Terry,

there is an awesome feature in new version called Bulk creation builder. There you can create bulk connection in just a couple of clicks.

Best regards,

cforce22 Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Nikola!

I used the Bulk Connections to mimic the US Thanksgiving Holiday. The calendar now shows those days as the color red but customers are still able to click on those dates and see the normal time slots. However, they cannot click on the times to schedule an appointment. Is there a way to completely block entire days from showing timeslots? If I do not schedule this block, the calendar looks at if we are available.

PortMacOnline Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Nikola, v1.10.0 does the job for me! Thanks again for great support and quick responses! Terry