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Dean Berg asked 5 years ago
This request is for a boat tour company looking to use your calendar for a new website. Questions: Will your calendar email the customer confirmation of their booking? Also, the maximum number of people booking a tour will be important so that there is no overbooking. Example: A tour max is 10 people. Can your calendar be modified to show that a tour is booked full and is no longer unavailable once it hits 10 bookings? Another company that uses online booking is goflippersgo.com. Will your calendar do what theirs does? I look forward to your reply.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Dean, yes it can do similar things as that example from link. Regarding emails it will send email notification to both customer and employee/admin. You can create slots for example 10 slots at the same time. Best regards, Nikola