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Anders Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi I've been fiddling with this plugin for a full day (and really like it), and after reading the forum here and poring through the CSS files to find the right classes, I've managed to get most of the customization I want done, I just have a few things remaining which I can't quite figure out:
  1.  How do I change the word 'SUBMIT' to whatever I want on the submit button?
  2. How do I get the submit and cancel buttons to float right instead of center in the column.  I've used the ".ea-bootstrap .ea-actions-group button, .ea-bootstrap .ea-actions-group a" classes to change the color of text and background, and add a margin above the buttons, but I can't get the left/right positioning of the buttons to change.  
  3. I'm not sure I need the 'Personal information' and 'Booking overview' section labels - how would I remove them?
  4. In case I do need the labels in 3 above, how would I change the text and style them?
  5. How do I style the text on the form - i.e. "Fields with * are required" and "Please check your appointment details below and confirm:"?
  6. And for the text in 5, how do I change the wording, or remove it entirely?
  7. Finally, rather than just give a success message after booking an appointment, I'd like to redirect to another page that gives a nicer, better formatted response.  In this response, I'd like to show the booking overview information.  How would I do that?
Sorry, I realize it's quite a long list.Thanks in advance
Anders Staff replied 4 years ago

Considering the extension – the licensing is not clear. How many sites does one license cover? Also, as an enhancement request, can Easy Appointments have or integrate with a basic customer database including a mobile number and then link to a free SMS site api? Twilio is great, but for a small customer that may have many one time clients, the cost could grow – my client wouldn’t want to be paying $10 a month to keep a list of client numbers that may never be needed a second time. Thanks