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theosteo asked 3 years ago

Hello Nikola,
Great work with the plug-in!
I have 3 queries?
1. Customers can book 1-hour appointments every 15 minutes on my calendar which is fine but, If someone books at 5pm 4.15pm and 4.30pm are still shown, however and alert box prevents them from booking those slots. Is there a way to hide those slots in between?
2. If not is there a way to change the content of the alert box? Currently, it just says undefined, am I assuming I need to change something in java file (my knowledge of coding is limited).
3. For the support forum

  • to help everyone, is there a way to make sub folders for the categories – such as visual, functionality, css and errors? That may help reduce repeated question being asked?
  • What also may be useful is a post where users can leave a link to how they are modifying the pluging for there website and the css?


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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago


1. we are aware of that issue. It will require more calculation on widget side.
2. where you see that alert?
3. any suggestion are welcome in both cases. So if you want to suggest labels you can do that. Regarding modification if they are really good and others may found it interesting it can become part of EA 🙂

Best regards,

theosteo replied 3 years ago

2. This alert is seen if I were to select one those times in my first qeury (examples: 4.15pm when I have a 5pm appointment.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 3 years ago

Ok thanks for help finding that. We will make it part of translation file so you can put any message there that you want.

theosteo replied 3 years ago

Ok thanks when doing so please let me know how to access we can close this.