Wp-Cron and how to tell its working?

Support forumWp-Cron and how to tell its working?
Robert J Mullinax asked 3 years ago
Step #3 – Confirm that the Cron Job is running fine I do not understand what you mean by open Extension plugin settings page and check if there are messages at top of the page. Where do you find this? I looked inside your Easy Appointments plugin and do not see anything relating to what you described. Where do I find this at? I have completed all the steps except testing to make sure wp-cron is running. Thanks for you great support 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Robert, best way it to turn logging for all levels in settings (Extension Google page). After some time download log file and see all thins that are executed during that period. That should tell if cron is having irregular executions etc. Best regards, Nikola