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Evolvingdoor Staff asked 7 years ago
I just updated Easy Appointments to 1.10.4. It "seems" to have gone through, but instead of the usual messages giving the progress of the update and confirming that it had updated, I got a screenful of code beginning with "Update Failed." A quick check on the front end and it seems to be working okay, but I'm very concerned about this. I can send you a screenshot of the code screen, but would rather do that privately. Please tell me how I can send you the screenshot. Thanks.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, thanks for the update, you can use any public image upload service and paste the link here. Or you can send it directly to my email. There were no other update error reports so far for the new version. Best regards, Nikola
Evolvingdoor Staff answered 7 years ago
Thanks Nikola. I\'ve emailed you privately with the screenshot.