Unable to select dates after selecting worker

Support forumUnable to select dates after selecting worker
luis_debs-mallar Staff asked 3 years ago

I have one location, and one service, and this service is connected to one worker out of the total of five (5) workers.  There is one connection.  EA asks me to select the employee which makes no sense since the one employee is already setup in the only connection to the one location and one service.  After selecting a worker, it does not matter who you select, nothing else happens.  Here is the shortcode...  <div align="right">[[ea_bootstrap min_date="+3d" max_date="+3w" show_week="1" layout_cols="2" location="1" width="800px"]]</div>
I have also used just [ea_bootstrap] with no difference in how EA behaves. I also had 1 location, but 5 services each with one worker in each of 5 connections, but this did not make a difference either.  The one service has duration of 30, slot step of 10, and a block after of 10.  The 1 connection has slots of 1... :)
This is the website if you want to look at it.... https://mod2.techniproedu.com/school-set-an-appointment
The website is not accessible from any menu selection, but it is public.

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, can you please remove that location part from shortcode. That one is super weird, like something removed that event handler from that select field :( Best regards, Nikola
luis_debs-mallar Staff replied 3 years ago

I did use just “[ea-bootstrap]” (ea_bootstrap in brackets) inside the div and without the div… I bought the Extension-PRO the other day. Is this forum the Support+? If not how do I initiate this request? I am going to try to disable other plugins while I wait for your answer. I will post if this solves the issue.

luis_debs-mallar Staff replied 3 years ago

Nikola, I disabled one by one almost all my plugins with no effect on the issue. The current page https://mod2.techniproedu.com/school-set-an-appointment is using just the shortcode ea_bootstrap without the div

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Luis, please take a look at this screenshot. On the left is your site and events that are there on select field and on the right there is demo on EA. As you can see there are no change event listeners on your site. Some JS code from you site is removing it. It could be other plugin but also it happen with that theme. There are also JS code running within theme. Screenshot Best regards, Nikola
luis_debs-mallar Staff replied 3 years ago

Thank you Nikola. Will work through issue from here. Luis