Support forumCategory: BugsUG: manual creation of appointments in control panel sends misleading Email
cpsyctc asked 12 months ago

When I create an appointment manually in the control panel the Email that comes to me as the worker is the standard one with the “confirm appointment” link at the bottom. Surely that shouldn’t be there, just a statement like “appointment created manually” and then the usual cancel button.
WP version 5.9
EA 3.7.1
PHP 7.3.31-1~deb10u1

1 Answers
cpsyctc answered 12 months ago

Thanks Andrew, good point, I should have clarified that!  Yes, I had marked the new entry as confirmed manually in the control panel.  In the past I hadn’t so hadn’t been surprised when I got the usual Email asking me to confirm.  Now I have realised that I can mark it directly as confirmed when I create it manually but I am still getting the Emails with the confirm link at the bottom.