julialucio asked 2 years ago
I am not understanding the timezone settings.

I have setup my wordpress to Toronto, my users as Toronto, and I'm syncing with my gmail account.  When I go try to book an appointment, the times showing are completely whacked!  I don't need the timezones to show in the appointment settings as all my appointments are local.  Is there a way to default to a zone and not show that to my customer?
julialucio replied 2 years ago

Actually, if I select Toronto in the drop down, it is ok but it doesn’t show my booked appointments

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, main thing when you are using Google Calendar sync is to set timezone inside WordPress settings to be with name instead of UTC+/- something. After that is done appointments synced back to Google Calendar will have correct timezone. Because your all users are in Toronto then there should be no problem showing your time on all places. Best regards, Nikola