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Heather Cuesta asked 7 years ago
Dear Nikola, I asked a question a few weeks ago about the time slots not showing. Where the time slots should open, there is a message that says "Please select another date." The drop down menus aren't working properly either. You mentioned there might be a problem with the Jquery. Just wondering if you had a chance to figure out why this won't work? Here is a link to my appointment page. Thank you! Beautiful, elegant plug-in! 
Heather https://airportanimalhospitaltoledo.com/appointment/
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Heather, you have some kind of plugin active on your site that is switching regular select fields into select2. I am not sure where it is but it's changing the HTML of EasyAppointments so the value can't be found. That is the reason why you cant see any free slots.   Best regards, Nikola