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lzevon asked 2 years ago

We have a time slot that is unavailable even though there is no record of an appointment. Is there a possibility someone started to book and then abandoned the process? How would I be able to free-up this time slot on a particular day (anything I can look for in the database, a SQL command I could run)?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, yes that could be the case if you have option called auto reservation on. Also you can have blocked slots if you have connections that are set to not working.

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lzevon replied 2 years ago

Auto reservations is unmarked. I did have connections were set to not working, but they were not in the current date range and I used them as a starting point for holidays to quickly edit and put in place when needed. I deleted all of those as a precaution and will see if this issue persists.