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daihlo asked 1 year ago
Hi, cant figure something out with 'block after' settings... I have 1 worker, 1 location, 2 services 30mins 30slot 45mins 45 slot   both need 30mins gap afterwards before next booking can be made. I someone books a 30min appointment at 2pm, and I try to book another 30mins afterwars, it shows correctly as 3pm next available appointment (30mins+30mins block after) However, if I book 30mins, then try to book a 45min - it shows next available time as 3.30.... surely it should still be 3pm available as nothing has booked past this time...   Have just purchased the full plugin, really need to figure this out! Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Daihlo, thanks for reporting this. I will be back to you asap with solution to this problem. Best regards, Nikola