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Jonathan jewett asked 7 years ago
I purchased this extension plugin today, but it appears it only allows multiple calendar sync for appointments created within the plugin calendar.  I need the opposite.  I want to sync 2 different calendars into the plugin, one calendar for each location.  I set up multiple calendar sync, as it showed in the video, but it's not importing events and blocking off any times, so my day looks wide open on the plugin calendar, when in fact it is not.
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Jonathan_Jewett Staff answered 7 years ago
Also, even when I enter a default location and sync that way, which only allows me to sync from google into one of my locations, it only blocks one service.  So, I have a service that takes 45 minutes, and one that takes 15 minutes, and if it blocks one service, then the other is still available for every time slot of the day, but there is only one provider, so it would have to sync to a location and only allow services which there is enough available time.  If this is not possible, could I please get a refund, so I can look elsewhere.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Jonathan, in order to calculate both services from one provider you will need to un-check the option called Multiple work inside settings > customize page. Best regards, Nikola
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Also one thing did you connect your's site with system scheduler on you hosting. If you haven't do that sync can't be accurate because without system scheduler task running in background depends on user visiting your site. Best regards, Nikola
Jonathan_Jewett Staff replied 7 years ago

Ok, I did that and it seems to be working right. One thing that could be improved is that when setting a service time for example 45 minutes, it only checks from the start of the day ex: 9:00 and then every 45 minutes. So, there could be a 45 minute spot between 10-10:45, but it won’t display, because it only checks for 9:45, then 10:30. So, if I have a 15 minute service scheduled at 9:45 and again at 10:45, it won’t show any openings for the 45 minute service, even though there is a 45 minute gap. Would be great to be able to have it see that availability.