Sync Google Calendar to ‘appointmentslist’ is ok but not show up in EA on website

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karina_grijzen Staff asked 1 month ago

I got this weird problem, which I do not know how to fix.
Google Calendar syncs back to the 'appointments' (the first tab under the EA in the Dashboard). When I plan in Google Calendar it shows up in this list.

But when I look at the EA planner on my website, the time-slots which I booked via Google Calendar are not blocked.

It seems EA does not sync the incoming info from Google Calendar to the planner on the front-end.

When I plan an appointment in the 'appointments' tab directly, it does sync with the EA planner on the website.

What can I do?

With kind regards from Karina

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Karina, did you fill out advance mapping options inside Extension settings? Also is there any warning message regarding cron job on top of that settings page?

Best regards,

karina_grijzen Staff replied 1 month ago

Dear Nikola,

I changed the advance mapping options and now it works! Synching is perfect now.

Thank you so much for making this plugin. I’ve been using this for years. One of the things I love is that the plugin can do so much, is so versatile. And the fun thing, as a user I learn so much about how things work together. To solve the issues while programming it to my liking is a fun thing to do.

Thank you, Karina

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 1 month ago

You’re welcome 🙂 I will mark this thread as resolved.

Best regards,