Sync from Google Calendar impossible (multiple location, 1 service, 1 worker)

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bertrand_mouthuy asked 5 years ago
Hello, On a website i have 1 worker, 1 service and 6 location. Each location has it's own connection with it's own and unique timespan (my worker cannot be at 2 place at the same time...) When i make an appointment on the website everything is okay and the appointements are quickly displayed on the agenda. However when i make a reservation from my google calendar this is not synced on my website. From previous topic here i've check this :
  • Sync from the website to google agenda work well
  • Multiple work is uncheck
  • Default location & service set
  • Tried with wordpress built-in cron, server and external, same result
  • I've double check Google autorisation, everything is okay
  • Tried barely any combination possible with and without advanced calendar sync
When i take the log i've this : [2019-01-08 11:37:16.335850] [info] Syncing events for Calendar: primary
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.335884] [info] Sync event within next
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.495374] [info] Fetched from Google Calendar 0 events
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.496670] [info] Synced events : 0
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.496700] [info] Total sync events : 0
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.496934] [info] There are no new appointments needed to be send to Google Calendar
[2019-01-08 11:37:16.496962] [info] Sync Done It's as the module just doesn't see any appointments. Could you help ?
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bertrand_mouthuy answered 5 years ago
Some progress, sort of... without any change one appointment made on calendar has been synced on EA. For the location defined as default and not for location used at that timespan but well, while the slot is greyed out it's ok Advanced sync set to : Primary | Any | Any | Worker 1 This only one appointment sync, the others doesn't, there is no difference in the way they've been made. I don't understand why one appointment randomly sync while the other doesn't...   Gonna try to make a calendar per location to try advanced sync set like that...
bertrand_mouthuy replied 5 years ago

Okay, tried this :

– 1 google agenda per location
– Advanced sync set to : Calendar X | Location X | Service 1 | Worker 1; 6 times to sync each location to his own calendar.

When i make an appointment on the website everything ok, sync is made in the right calendar, all clear.

However when i reserve a timeslot on my calendar (the right calendar for the right location at the right time, everything according) it never sync on EA module.

It’s just as it doesn’t see my appointment in my google calendar…