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Marcin asked 5 years ago
Hello, My company is using your plugin for setting up appointments. Using a master calendar I've been able to sync from EA to individual calendars, but I don't know how to perform syncing from Google Calendar to EA. So a staff member decides to book off an hour using the same tag as the EA to Calendar sync, but no other information. In the settings I have a location and service set as default. Sync interval set to 5 minutes and days set to 0.  What do I do from here?
florian_behr Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi Marcin, have you tried to
– delete advanced sync, save settings
– delete the token authorization, save settings
– reinstate authorization, save settings
– create advanced sync, save settings

Please paste your log file here for Nikola to review

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Marcin, do you have any error messages regarding Cron when you open EA Connect page settings? Also do you have advance sync options? Best regards, Nikola