Valerie asked 9 months ago
Hello, we need to integrate the Stripe payment gateway for charging the booking fees. Is this option available now? This will define if we can keep using the plugin that we are happy with or unfortunately we will have to find another plugin. Thanks!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Valerie, sorry about that. There are some things that needs to be finished first before any other payment integration. Best regards, Nikola
mindfit answered 8 months ago
Nikola, it seems for 4-5 years now you have delayed giving a timeline of when you might introduce Stripe.  Our business is in Thailand, just another country that PayPal is removing their business from to focus on the US market.
To continue to use this plugin we will have to add several additional new steps which will no doubt put off the customer having to go through woocommerce to make a booking.  Or create a Bank account in another country.

Can you be more specific about a definite yes or no to you adding Stripe integration?  PayPal is not what is was 5 years ago when people starting asking about stripe and Paypal it is fast becoming a non option for many people.  I need to find another solution if you are not planning on integrating Stripe it would be nice to get a definite answer from you
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Mindfit, can you please tell us do you want from users to choose payment between PP and Stripe or just to have only Stripe? Best regards, Nikola
mindfit replied 7 months ago

Choice would be good. However if only one option it would be stripe
In Thailand, (and Vietnam and Cambodia are next) the govt has placed heavy restrictions on PayPal users. Only citizen of the country are able to register, and the govt is taking a mandatory 3.7% transaction fee AND a 7% VAT fee on every purchase. Making 11% of every purchase lost

There are millions of people looking for an alternative to PayPal and Stripe have taken this up and opened services in these countries. Whoever is able to come out with a solution is going to get a big bump in Asian countries for booking platforms

mindfit replied 7 months ago

Just an update. I was advised by PayPal Thailand to close my account and use the same email address to open PayPal NZ. I did this and had the account closed for suspicious activity (not residing in the country I do business)
This means the email that has been used for 7 years of business is now blocked from every having any other PayPal account. I am one of what seems to be thousands of people who are experiencing this.

Sorry buddy, people have been asking you for stripe for years, and you have not done it. Now PayPal is banning users (one of my accounts with them was 12 years old) for things that can not be appealed. Time has run out. I now need to stop using your amazing plugin because you seem to have some bizzare preoccupation with PayPal despite many people requesting alternative methods.

Wish you all the best, but the plugin has not adapted to allowing a booking deposit being paid with a credit card. Sad day for me,