Still getting PayPal signups without any appointment signups

Support forumStill getting PayPal signups without any appointment signups
kim_appleton Staff asked 6 years ago
We have our EasyAppointments system set up to require payment before the appointment is booked, however we are still receiving PayPal payments and then not getting notification that the appointment was booked. We can see some 'empty' appointments that were booked at 'around' the time of the PayPal payment, but nothing obvious.
  1. Can you help us with this? Should we just use WooCommerce and then use EasyAppointments after, because the PayPal integration seems buggy
  2. Are there log files we can look at?
mindfit Staff replied 6 years ago

I have the same issue, it seems it takes around 5 seconds after receiving payment to processing the appointment. I have made a note on my payment page to NOT close the window until they are returned to a confirmed appointment redirect. However not everyone does this