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omnialaw asked 2 months ago

I am attempting to set my email address as an email that receives pending emails for requests. The domain of the email address matches the domain of my site but for some reason, after several tries, it does not receive emails. I tried 4 different emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook) and they all worked just fine but mine didn’t work. The service is G Suite but I can’t seem to know what the issue is. I set one of my personal emails as the temporary email but would like my business email to receive them instead soon.
There is only 1 employee (me) and the email set in the Employees section matches my business email that I am attempting to get working.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi, sounds like some kind of firewall for that account. I will suggest that you create a label filter in email settings on G Suite so you apply custom label for those emails. Most likely those are block as spam emails.

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