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Joerg K. Staff asked 6 years ago
Hello Nikola, here another feature request. Please add an option to easily filter and sort the connections. I'm already struggling to keep my schedule with only (yet) two services up to date and to maintain the dates. So if there would be a filter and sort option on the connections page this would make lives easier. However, the ultimate interactive approach would be from a calendar view to "paint" timings where a service should be offered and when chosen a popup would allow the admin to enter more details and adjust (if needed) the time, the location and service.    That calendar view would also show the dates entered and being able to click and edit entries...   Many thanks for considering.   Cheers Joerg
Joerg K. Staff replied 6 years ago

This would also be beneficial to have at the other pages as well, like arranging the appointments.

BTW is there a cleanup function to get rid of appointments that are in the past?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Joerg, thanks for suggestion I will write those to the list. For example there will be new page where you can create not-working days easily like you have explained. Regarding clean up it will be also added. Best regards, Nikola
Joerg K. Staff replied 6 years ago

Hello Nikola,

many thanks for taken all that into account. If you require a beta tester, I will be your man 🙂

Many thanks!


0rgan1c4i Staff replied 6 years ago

That would be awesome! Maybe it could be used for breaks too?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

It will be used for not working days or public holidays.

Best regards,