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a-schild asked 2 years ago
Hello, we did just purchase the connect addon to send SMS via Twilio. As far as I can tell, we did set up everything as recommended, including the cron sheduler. Unfortunally no sms are sent, and I don\'t see any logs or somethings else to help track down the problem. It would be great if we have a \"Test\" Button in the addon to send a test sms, to check if the Twilio part of the connect works. And it would also be great to have some kind of logging of the sent sms (along with diagnostics when sending fails) How do I track down the problem at the moment, as the above options are not available? André
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi André, make sure that you add Phone number from Twilio to EA Settings from which will send SMS notification. There you must add that Twilio number, you can't use text etc. We will see to add test sms option to check are the settings fine. Also make sure that you select proper field that holds customers phone number. Best regards, Nikola